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I probably should have some big contest, or large celebration or something to acknowledge the complete redesign of my decaying site. However, Its enough work just to redo the page... I stopped updating this site after my Hard Disk crashed, and I lost what I had done. All of the old code that remains has been slowly sifted out of my pages through FTP... Some of you may have seen my WMOS which took on after the crash, and I will integrate it into this site as well, and slowly redesign it so as to integrate more with this one... You may have noticed that the new design is based mostly on my WMOS one, however, I have redone most of it from scratch to get rid of some bugs (the text inside always hugged the sidebar, making it hard to read sometimes), and to make it appear better in IE5. Most of these changes will be done to WMOS. It still requires IE4 at least because I make heavy use of CSS, which is not supported fully in IE3. I also use some DHTML for effect. I plan on redesigning the site again later to make use of XML and XSL allowing me to to create the site's content outside of the interface, and then allow you to pick your own look.

Neat thing I found, Comet Systems developed this neat little web page utility (you should see the weird cursor right now), and you can put in odd cursors from their free collection at

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