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I'm asked a lot what I beleive will happen come Y2K. Truthfully, sometimes when it comes to Y2K, I am very paranoid, even though I know nothing serious will happen, other than possible economic collapse and lots of rioting, as well as the utilities shutting down. That is a worse case scenario, as I see it, and it makes me feel like buying a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and hiding out until March, or the radios say alls well, whichever comes first. My sane side, however, thinks that that is going overboard, and would also cause me to miss a couple of months of school. So, the easiest thing to do is to sit things out with a bunch of friends since you are safer in a group. Thats what people should do, bring friends together, make sure you have plenty of candles, flashlights, etc... in the case that the power goes out. Radios, maybe a battery powered/wood heater, or a bon-fire outside. Sure, you can use "New Years Party" as an excuse. : ). Also, no, 2000 is not the first year of the third millenium, 2001 is because we have a one based calendar (the first day of a month is 1, the first year AD was 1 AD, etc...). You can use that as an excuse to have two huge new years parties, a Y2K one, and a 3rd Millenium one. One last thought, your personal computer will not stop working unless you have an older computer (circa the 1980s or so). If it won't boot up because it thinks its 1900, or your VCR won't tape things cause it thinks its 1900, I've heard that you can set the date to 1972 because the days are in the same sequence and everything.

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