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Letter From The Editor

Okay, an issue has passed since I last wrote up what my goals were for the 'zine, and a lot has happened...

On the new look- I was actually playing around with a look for a different site, but I liked it so much, and it was so similar to DRAGON's current {at the time} layout that I ended up using it for DRAGON, and it was released with Issue 4 (last issue). All the feedback so far has been positive and I'm glad of DRAGON's new look.

Now on to the real meat of this issue, this issue marks two new authors. Plus, a sneak peak, as it were, into my Fourth Azeroth-based Series, based on the Azerothian Crusades, named oddly enough, Azeroth: Crusade. Olivia Cole, the youngest submitter to the 'zine, has submitted a multi-part "furry" adventure with her The Sun Fox, novellete. Olivia's work is exceptional for such a young lady. I hope to see more from her in the future.

Murphy's Law marks the Third Kayos story that I have written. It continues on from where DragonSphere and Chaos Theory left off. Also in the Azeroth Multiverse is Intro to War, an Introduction to the Azerothian Crusades. Now, I felt like introducing people to the series before I was truly ready to start the series. I have a great, incredible idea that I have only discussed with a few friends, but would be just incredible, and I don't feel like ruining it for you, so stay tuned for more info.

The Fourth Chapter of Mexican Penguin will not be seen in this issue, or maybe even at all. I am debating what to do with Mexican Penguin, and the probably I am going to finish Chapter 4 (which is not by the way), and then most likely I will go back through it and polish things a bit, rewrite some of it... Maybe get Laura to go through it and Edit it. [I can edit others' work a lot better than I can edit my own.]

Ernest Stewart has submitted three of his short stories from one of his upcoming books. One (A Death Wish) will be in this issue, and the other two will be included in the next issue.

Homework is really pushing me... I have so much to do and so little time! The days seem to fly by! However I will continue to work on DRAGON as I can... An interesting new developement is the quickly growing DRAGONportal. I have some great plans for DRAGONportal and I see it becoming a customizable resource that will rival the biggest ones like

Well, thats it! See you next time! Don't forget that DRAGONrealm (click on "Realm" on the Main Bar to your Left) has a great table of contents for finding the stories you want to read!