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All pages within this directory of the Xoom Server, the XWorld Directory, and all inherent subdirectories are Copyrighted © 1998 By WorldMaker, WorldMaker Online and all Subsidiaries therewithin. All Rights Reserved.

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WorldMaker Online is in no way connected with Paramount Pictures, Microsoft, Sev Trek, CJB.Net, XOOM.Com, CGI-Free, Xanadu.Net or any other page Linked, Transcluded, Copied, Hinted, Referenced, et al.

We at WorldMaker Online believe firmly in the rights of the common person. We believe in the power of the Internet, and the rights to free speech on the Internet, however, we at WorldMaker Online do think that the People should also have power to chose what they see and don't see, and the power to govern themselves, and the sphere of Internet influence they encompass. Therefore, we are making a commitment to having 100% clean links, and 100% clean pages. If you want the hate mongering and other things, find on your own time, not through us.

We also strongly believe in the rights of Copyright on the web, and we fully planned to support the Xanadu project, and when such standards are made available, we plan to fully use Transclusion Copyrights and allow Transclusions of WorldMaker Online materials, graphics, etc. You can get more info on Project Xanadu at

Copyright © 1999 WorldMaker Online. All Rights Reserved.