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I've really been reworking the site, doing pages at a time...

May 25 1999- The Divisions Section is Open! Check out the Grand Opening and First Issue of DRAGON!

Apr. 27 1999- Not much has happened as I have been busy getting the Divisions section together and started. On an odd side note, the Quotes have hit the 100 mark! Wow!

Apr. 17 1999- I've got the interface designed for an old idea I've had. iNOISE, the iNTERACTIVE Neutral Online Interactive Selection Engine will allow you to choose the music you want to listen to on my web page instead of me forcing music on you. Unlike ThemeMaster, I want iNOISE to take over the net, I want other web sites to offer their users a choice, and even allow choices to span from site to site, but still let sites keep their own unique choices. When iNOISE is finished I will offer its use for your own pages.

Apr. 15 1999 [Update!]- I've redone every page! I also found the reason why it won't load the ThemeMaster sometimes, and I fixed it.

Apr. 15 1999- I've got the cookies working finally... I'll implement the new Interface changes to the rest of the pages in the coming days. Feel free to play around with ThemeMaster {v1.01}!

Apr. 13 1999- Been working mostly on updating some of the interface. Some of it I have been successful with (the floating spot in the corner). Some of it I haven't got fully working... Actually, I can't get Cookies working, and when I uploaded my files to the net, the ThemeMaster dialog won't open...

Apr. 11 1999- Happy Birthday to me... Put together LOGO.JS for random logos... I'll throw in a Cookie On/Off switch, and place it on the rest of the pages.

Apr. 07 1999- Added LinkExchange code.

Apr. 06 1999- I've added some new Quotes, updated the JS file, and even put up the code so that you can place my quotes on your homepage. You can find that @ Links | Free Stuff.

Apr. 04 1999- I've added the Links section. Put my first link in.

Mar. 27 1999- Well, I've added the Whats New page, and I've added a whole bunch more quotes, and redone the whole Quote thingie so that it will be easier to add more because I've broken it off into its own .JS file. (it also helps to make it easier to debug....). Also started the Meandering Section.

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